Care and Maintenance Guide

  • Furniture items should only be used for their intended purpose.
  • Furniture items should be stored and operated indoors with a temperature of no less than 10°C with a relative humidity of 40-70%.
  • If you plan to use the furniture outdoors, please check with the manager to know if it is not detrimental to the item.
  • Keep the surface of the furniture dry. In case moisture, grease, wine, coffee or other active substances happen to get on it, wipe the surface of the furniture immediately.
  • Do not use any abrasives to clean the surface, such as: the back of dishwashing sponges, abrasive paper, powders, etc. Such means remove the protective layer of the coating and lead to the appearance of stains.
  • Never allow aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, solvents, etc.) or products containing such liquids or their vapors to affect furniture. Such substances and compounds are chemically active — reacting with them will have negative consequences for your property and even health.
  • Do not allow hot objects (irons, containers with hot water, etc.) to get on the furniture.
  • Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight, as this may cause fading of the surface.
  • Do not use heaters near the furniture, as this causes the wood to dry out and crack.
  • Use paints, markers, etc. on the surface of the furniture carefully, as they cannot be removed with ordinary detergents. The furniture will need restoration.
  • Do not expose the furniture to sudden changes in temperature, as this may cause the item to deform and the wood to crack.
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