Terms of use

Bo-je.com information website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) use by any Website user (hereinafter referred to as the User) means that the User has read, understood and agreed to be bound by the current Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms).

At any time, either with or without prior notification, bo-je.com administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) reserves the right to change and supplement the current Terms. Subsequent Website use after any such amendments implies the User’s consent to such amendments and/or additions. Immediately stop using this Website, if you do not agree to follow the current Terms.

An informational Website provides information about a bo-je.com and its products and services. This Website is not online store, according to Danish E-commerce Act No. 227 dated 22 April 2002.

Any product information or other one, published via the website, is provided to the User “as is” and without guarantees or representations of any kind (express or implied) or any liability of the Administration.


1.1. A website is a collection of web pages and related content, identified by bo-je.com common domain name.

1.2. The “User” means any natural or legal person, using the Website.

1.3. The Administration is a person (group), responsible for the upkeep, configuration and reliable Website operation, possessing rights for domain name bo-je.com, program code and web content.

1.4. Web content is the textual, visual or aural content, encountered within the user’s experience on the Website.


2.1. These Terms are a legally binding agreement between the User and Administration of the Website, which subject is to permit website administrators to provide services to the Website users (hereinafter referred to as the Services). In addition to the current Terms, the agreement between the user and Website administration consists of all special documents (Privacy Police), governing the Website services provision and content in the relevant Website sections on the Internet.

2.2. Information, posted on this Website, is intended to familiarize the User with collections (portfolio) of goods and works of Bohachevska and Jensen family factory.

2.3. Send support request using contact form “Leave a request” for more information on the process of goods and services purchase of Bohachevska and Jensen family factory.


  • 3.1. Administration is entitled to:
    • 3.1.1. Modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website and its Content and Services contained therein. The user acknowledges and accepts that Administration may, at any time, discontinue, de-activate and/or cancel any of the Services and/or Content making up the Website;
    • 3.1.2. Send messages to users, referring to goods and services;
  • 3.2. The Administration’s responsibilities:
    • 3.2.1. Comply with all applicable legal provisions regarding data protection. In particular, the Administration shall not provide or otherwise disclose any personal data of the User to any third party without authorization. Details on the use of the Users’ personal data by the Administration are set forth in the Privacy Police, available on bo-je.com Website.
  • 3.3. The User is entitled to:
    • 3.3.1. Contact the Administration, using contact form for more information;
    • 3.3.2. Sending feedback requests;
    • 3.3.3. The Website use is free of charge it for personal purpose.
  • 3.4. The User’s responsibilities:
    • 3.4.1. Carefully review the Terms of Use.
    • 3.4.2. Acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risks arising from use information’s on the Website.


  • 4.1. The Administration doesn’t guarantee, represents or warrants that the Website service use will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.
  • 4.2. Any information about goods and services or other information published via the Website is of an advisory nature. Administration is not be responsible for and disclaims any liability for any indirect, incidental, consequential and special damages, that have been caused by or due to with the current Website use.


  • 5.1. Prints or download extracts from the data, information or material of the Websites as well as any other reproduction thereof are permitted for educational and research purposes or personal use only. None of the bo-je.com Material may be used for any commercial purpose by the User. Particularly, the User may not license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute, or otherwise exploit or make available to any third party the bo-je.com Material in any way.
  • 5.2. No bo-je.com Material may be reproduced, stored in or transmitted on any other Website (including intranet websites) by the User nor is the User permitted to create any derivative works based on bo-je.com Material without the Administration’s written permit.
  • 5.3. Some names, instruments, treatments, logos, designs, etc, referred to on the Websites are protected by patents, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights even though specific reference to this fact is not made on the Websites. Therefore, name and instrument appearance without designation as proprietary is not to be construed as a representation by the Administration that it is in the public domain.


  • 6.1. The current Terms of Use and any separate agreements, whereby Website and Administration provide you Services, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law.


  • 7.1. The User can review the most current version of the Terms of Use at any time at this page.
  • 7.2. The Administration is entitled, at its sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Use by posting updates and changes to the Website. User must regularly look through our website to learn about changes. User confirms that he fully accepts the current Terms of Use and all its changes, if he continues using this Website.

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