Our furniture is designed to serve you for many years. Along with that, wood is a natural material with its particular characteristics. BO • JE provides a warranty on all our products.

General warranty terms and conditions

  • BO.JE furniture is protected by an 18-months warranty (from the date of purchase).
  • Warranty service includes repair, replacement of faulty parts or product replacement.
  • Defects due to the manufacturer fault are corrected within 30 calendar days from the date of a claim submission.
  • All shipping costs associated with repair or replacement are covered by the seller.

Cases covered by the warranty

  • Drying or deformation of the product, cracks on the surface of wooden parts caused by the manufacturer.
  • Peeling of the coating or rust on metal parts caused by the manufacturer.
  • Poor operation of mechanisms or connections.
  • Unreliability of the structure or non-compliance with the declared load value.
  • Improper quality of fabrics or seams.

Cases not covered by the warranty

  • The manufacturer does not guarantee full compliance with the texture and color of the purchased product, due to uniqueness of natural wood properties.
  • Mechanical surface damage caused by improper operation.
  • Drying, cracks or deformation of surfaces and other defects as a result of violation of operating recommendations. (Excessive humidity, prolonged exposure to water or aggressive substances, outdoor operation, sudden changes of temperature and humidity.)

The company reserves the right to refuse warranty service in the following cases:

  • Detection of improper humidity and temperature levels on the premises where the product has been operated or stored.
  • Placement of the furniture item in the immediate vicinity of heating appliances.
  • Identification of design changes or supplements made by third parties without the consent of the manufacturer, which could affect the quality of the product.
  • Detection of damage to the packaging, which bears evidence of mechanical damage to the product during transportation by the buyer or other shipping companies.

Transfer of responsibility for delivery by courier services:

  • When shipping goods through courier services, the goods are considered accepted from the moment of signing the consignment note of the courier service.
  • The transfer of responsibility for loss or damage to the goods occurs at the time of signing the consignment note of the courier service.
  • If damage to the packaging of the goods is found in the courier service stock, the buyer must preserve the package and immediately notify the seller of the damage.
  • Complaints about the contents and quality of goods delivered by courier service are accepted within three days of receipt, provided the package is preserved.
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